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We are different Orlando White, Owner


Born & raised in Bethlehem, Orlando started a roofing company in 1997 and has provided services for thousands of satisfied customers.

He attended Freedom High School and was an eager Sports Wrestler and even won the Regional Championship in 1991.

He entered the construction industry because he enjoyed the hard work that continued to help keep him fit and he enjoys meeting new people, developing new friendships & making a difference.

Caring, considerate and respectable he maintains old time values. He believes in ‘doing good by you and you’ll do good by me’.


He believes in foundational integrity and a faith based focus.

Through many challenges, temporary failures and struggles during part of his life he developed a high stand and seriously applies that to all aspects of life and his business.

He acknowledges those past failures during a difficult time in his life and sincerely offers his apologies to all those affected during that time.

He has four children, three girls and a boy that he loves very much.Now, at his new location at 950 Broadway in Fountain Hil PA 18105, he is easy to talk to, will listen to you and work out the best deal with you.

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