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How to Remove Moss from Roof – Roof Repair – Residential and Commercial

As I walked into the office today, I found several clumps of moss right outside the office door. With very few trees on this side of a mostly sunny building I wondered from where the moss could possibly be coming. My first reaction was to look up at our roof. The small roof just over the front stoop seems clear and the higher roof was too tall to check out so I cannot be certain. The most obvious answer is that maybe it blew free from some of the roofs down that street that I can clearly see are moss covered. Looking at roofs wasn’t always something I did but now that has become quite a little hobby as I learn about hips, ridges and pitch. And now I find myself looking at roofs all the time.

The roofs down the street that I pass everyday are only porch roofs with more shade than the house top roof luckily because these roofs are filled with moss, and moss on a roof is a serious problem that needs to be immediately addressed. Moss can cause premature degradation of not only roof shingles but the entire roof system. Moss is like a sponge which holds moisture close to your roof shingles and can even lift your shingles. Lifted shingles are vulnerable to being blown off during storms and letting more moisture into your roof system.

If you google, “how to get moss off my roof” you may find a lot of really bad advice, including but not limited to using a power washing or scrubbing it off. Neither of these to methods are good for your roof and shingle quality, not to mention needing to climb up on your roof yourself which in and of itself can be dangerous before you add moss, and then slippery moss once it gets wet. You should call a roofing specialist who is experienced with such issues. White’s General Contracting offers options to not only clean your roof but products that can be installed to help keep your roof moss free going forward. Don’t risk your health of the health of your roof, call White’s General Contracting and we can help remove you from under the cover of moss!

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