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Repairing Roof Shingles – Fall Roof Inspections in the Lehigh Valley PA

School is back in session and you’ve survived another summer break! If you have made it through the crazy weather we have had this summer without any major leaks in your roof, torn siding or hanging gutters, then consider yourself among the lucky few! As the fall approaches and the temperature drops our commitment to your roof does not. We continue our roof repairs as well as full roof replacements well into the autumn. In fact, the fall is the best time to have a new roof installed. Manufacturer’s suggest the best temperature for shingle installation is between 45- and 50-degrees Fahrenheit. Too cold and the shingles become too brittle for a nail gun and require hand nailing which can cost more in construction. Too hot and the they can stick together and be more difficult to remove from the box. Shingles aren’t the only ones that prefer fall weather for installation, the guys on the roof also appreciate the lower thermostat readings as well. 

Now, winter can be absolutely brutal on your home’s roof and gutter system but the autumn is one of the best times to prepare. With a roof inspection, a licensed roofing professional can help to determine what if any maintenance your roof might need to hopefully make it through the winter without any major issues. Some of the most common areas a roofer might inspect would be:

  • Shingles
    • Are any missing, damaged or warn
    • Are shingles on ridges and hips secure
  • Inspect fascia board for wear
  • Inspect flashing and make sure it’s secure
  • Check for moss growth
  • Check your gutters for clogging
  • Ensure downspouts are affixed properly

A proper fall inspection can help prevent many problems that the rough weather issues we see during the winter and can save a homeowner thousands of dollars. Call White’s General Contracting for all your roof, siding and general contracting needs.

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